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Some people say I look like this guy by MrLegenDarius












Apple Pie Baked inside of Apples Tutorial

Isn’t this like hollowing out a corpse, then putting someone else’s organs inside and cooking them?

i was expecting the other fandom

no not that one the other one


[aggressively reblogs]








Didn’t Chase’s hair used to be, like, down to his waist?  And here it is just passing his shoulders.

Jack…tell me you didn’t dishonor that man…tell me you didn’t cut Chase’s hair… Jack…

Ohgosh it’s true! That’s WAAY shorter then it should be. Jack cut off his hair to dishonour him!

Spreading mustard on him wasn’t enough?! JACK SPICER. NO.

Hmm, mustard…that’s new…would make for a good marinade…a little soy…plus the deep fried witch…with bean dip…  Sorry, what were we talking about?

Bun in all seriousness a number things are happening to Chase at the same time.

  1. Chinese water torture
    Where water is slowly dripped on the subjects head until they are allegedly driven insane.
  2. He’s being quite literally painted as a Yellow Belly (coward) eternally. The everlasting painting of his stomach would also be a form of torture, due to it’s repetitiveness.
  3. He’s been stripped down to his boxers, which as anyone knows is a form of humiliating someone.
  4. Cutting a warrior’s hair in Chinese history is one of the worst forms of humiliating them, their honour and their fighting. A warrior would only cut their own hair if banished.
  5. He’s being stretched by his limbs.
  6. And I don’t know what you guys think of this, but that doesn’t look much like strawberry jam to me.



    And since it’s only by his hands and feet it makes me think those aren’t normal constraints.


i just want to know how he even got chase in that thing

oh my gosh… i never noticed the blood stains or how short his hair was. the fight must have been insane if Jack was willing to do all this to his idol. He’s not only humiliating him but literally painfully torturing him and in very knowledgeable ways (taking Chase’s heritage into account to make it all the more humiliating).

Neither Bean nor Wuya looked like they were being actively harmed.

First Jack would handle the remaining monks, take all their wu, separate them, exhaust them with his new bots.

All things considered, I think Wuya probably switched sides as soon as she saw that Jack had serious power which led to her being imprisoned and made to wear a cheer leading uniform since she most likely faked cheering for him.

Bean used the mobey morpher to try to intimidate Jack with his size and Jack finds some way to get the wu away from him. From there on Bean faces Jack’s new bots and loses. For trying to humiliate Jack and making fun of his physical weaknesses, so Jack uses Bean’s size against him with the cage and adds the plaque as a dig at bean’s body/looks/

Finally Jack goes to Chase, maybe still hopeful for an alliance, now that he’s got proof that he knows what he’s doing since he defeated the other big players. But all Chase is willing to give him is maybe the place of an apprentice but Jack no longer wants that, he wants to be equals and expresses such. But Chase isn’t about to let that happen, he doesn’t consider anyone equal, this angers Jack which causes him to snap when all that’s put on top of how Chase has always treated him. Then Chase, not about to put up with being insulted by this ‘worm’ goes on to spit his own vitriol, maybe even going so far as to actually strike Jack. By that point Jack is so done and calls in his bots.

The fight lasts longer than either expect and Chase finds that, at the very least, he can’t continue to fight like this so he makes a ‘tactical retreat’. Jack hunts him down of course, he’s not willing to let anything get in his way now, because there’s no way Chase would let things lie as they were. And maybe when they meet again things get so out of hand for Chase that he’s willing to disregard his own morals when he actually does get desperate.

So when Chase’s caught, Jack sets up the restrains because maybe Chase is able to break out of any other enclosures and the restraints pull him to a stressing point then constantly pull at him in increments to ensure he’s in pain for the pain he caused Jack, His belly is painted yellow for his cowardly attempts at escaping. His hair is cut to disgrace him because he disgraced himself when he abandoned his morals. And the water torture is an added bonus of humiliation for the way Chase humiliated him, not to mention that it is a technique that’s meant to drive someone insane over time, and all Chase has is time. As for the underwear, I think that was more to make Chase feel vulnerable since he’s so used to wearing his armor.

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